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Maoming Road

Shop B2, 59 Maoming South Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai
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The Longemont Hotel

Shop A/B, 1/F, 1116 Yan’an West Road
Changning District, Shanghai
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Citigroup Tower

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Anatomy of an Eleganza Uomo Suit

A truly fine suit should clearly reflect its wearer’s confidence, elegance, and status to everyone who can appreciate them. That means investing meticulous attention in every detail – but before construction begins, it’s essential to begin with the finest hand-selected materials.

Our master tailors, many of who come from long family heritages of hand-tailored elegance, begin with all-natural breathable fabrics perfectly suited to a wide range of climates, conditions, and events.

The creation process begins with a professional assessment of your needs and wants. Where will you use this suit? What materials best match the comfort and appearance you prefer? No detail is left unaddressed – style, design, construction, price, luxury – including the most important question of all: what do you want your suit to say about you?

Because you are what you wear.

Ours is an involved, considered process that includes 2 fittings, 27 steps of measurement, paper patterns kept for each client, and use of non-fusing interlining. This guarantees immaculate fit, total comfort, and absolute perfection in construction by skilled hands.

Like any master craftsmen should, our tailors measure twice and cut once. This ensures precise proportions and flawless cuts at every stage. Even minute details are carefully deliberated, from traditional buttonholes that encourage fluid sleeve movement and comfortable fit to thread quality and stitching density that, with proper care, ensures lapel and chest structures retain their perfect shapes for the lifetime of the suit – and its wearer.

Even interlining is hand-stitched, piece by piece, into your suit’s exterior fabric. This important step enhances comfort, fit, and appearance as your new bespoke suit will be far lighter and more breathable than others crafted using common adhesives. This allows your suit to closely mirror your body shape, presenting flawless lines whether seated or in motion.

Even for our master, heritage tailors, crafting a perfect piece takes a minimum of three days – more than six times the time that goes into machine-made suits, and infinitely more thought.

You know excellent taste is far more attractive than excessive haste.

We know it too. Unwavering dedication to superior quality and lasting elegance defines Eleganza Uomo. Every piece we create – whether a custom business suit, shirt, vest or gorgeous women’s attire – reflects this vision from every angle.

We are bespoke business suit tailors based in Shanghai, serving discerning executives and their families nationwide for over 40 years. Our team of 20 artisanal tailors includes some of the most skilled and experienced hands available in Hong Kong.

Most tailors in our team are senior tailors from Hong Kong, ingrained with suit culture and Western concepts. To us, creating a suit is creating a way of life.

An Eleganza Uomo suit speaks of pure elegance and superior class expressed through careful consideration of every subtle detail. Our tailors are the finest traditional clothing craftsmen. We accept no less.

And if you truly appreciate the finer things in life as we do – the art of timeless style and the comfortable confidence of cultured luxury:

Eleganza Uomo is you.